Saturday, February 18, 2012

“Massage is a luxury… “

A few weeks ago, my left shoulder and right elbow felt like one twisted mess. I had an electrical tinge springing up and down my right forearm. Down dog was downright agonizing. I stopped going to yoga class. I stopped doing Pilates on my machines. I didn’t want to do anything except eat sugar and mashed potatoes (which creates more inflammation, but hey…)
So I called upon Ashleigh Rivers who took me in the next day. She worked on me for an hour and a half. Some moments felt great, some, not so great. But those were the areas that needed to be addressed. The next day, no tingling madness. No twisted mess in my shoulders. My nervous system had calmed down and my shoulders were relaxed and square.
The added bonus? My jeans were loose the next day. How could that be? I had been eating crappy and not exercising, yet I felt longer, leaner and my muscles felt toned. So, I thought about it. When your muscles are in a constant state of contraction they are shortened and condensed. They are “thick,” if you will.  Massage lengthens the fibers, opens things up. This allows the deep stabilizing muscles to come into play and do their job, and allows the mobilizing muscles the freedom to glide. Everybody gets happy and there is function. Three cheers for balance! Tone! Grace! And… loose jeans.
So for those of you who think massage is just a luxury expense? I urge you to think again.

Oh, and I am back in Yoga class…  pain-free.

*Ashleigh Rivers has a website and a Facebook page. Check her out: 

Facebook: Rasa Massage and Bodywork 

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