Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lord help me, here we go again…

This is how we are going to try the Wednesday morning and Friday morning Pilates Mat classes (please take note: ONLY the Wednesday morning and Friday morning Pilates Mat classes.) The other classes on schedule are still drop-in, but it is a good idea to check online to make sure the class has not been cancelled for that day. Life happens and sometimes a class will get cancelled. I will always post it on the website schedule page and on Facebook. If you sign up (hint, hint…) I will personally email you to let you know that the class got cancelled.

That said, here’s how we are going to play it with the Wednesday morning and the Friday morning Pilates Mat classes. No more Workshop-Sign-up-for-the-Month format. We will require that at least 3 people sign up the night before the class. For example, if you want to attend the Wednesday morning Pilates Mat class, you need to sign up by Tuesday evening. I will then post it on FB and the website letting folks know that there will be a class. If there is no class, I will not post. I will only post, in bold letters, if a class will be held on Wednesday morning or Friday morning.

I apologize for the runaround, but I’m trying to make this work for the teacher and the students. Hopefully in the near future we can put these two morning classes back on the schedule like all the other classes and get a regular turn-out.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!


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