Thursday, September 20, 2012


 Greetings! And a big welcome to Fall! 

·     We now have a class register link… no more Cut and Paste! Just go to the schedule tab and click … easy breezy!  Two main reasons for having online sign–up is that I want to prevent over-crowding of classes and possibly turning people away, and to also be able to notify people if a class gets cancelled.

·     Please be aware that class cards have a two-month expiration date. Exceptions are made with injuries and emergencies.

·     Groupon people please be aware that the Groupon cards expire on October 31st. You may also use your Groupon for the yoga classes.

·     For a class to be held, we must have at least two people signed up. If only one person is signed up, I’m letting the teacher have the option of cancelling the class (some of my teachers have a 30 minute commute and I want to honor their time and gas expense.) So please make sure that you have your email and phone number on file with us in case we need to notify you of a cancellation.

·     FRIDAY MAT CLASS! Several folks have requested another Pilates mat class. Jennifer will be teaching an October “workshop” to jumpstart this new morning edition. We need at least six people to pre-register and commit to the four Fridays in October. If you miss one of these classes you can always make it up in her Wednesday class. So, it’s a Win-Win deal! Please go online and click “workshop” on the sign-in page to pre-pay or you can always pre-pay at the studio.  The theme for this workshop? Arms and Tush. Jennifer will be adding some fusion moves with the 3lb. weights.

·     New Mats are here! No more jigsaw, coming-apart-piecing-it-together bit, and, they are cushy!

Thank you all for your support. I welcome any comments or suggestions that would enhance your experience at the studio.


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