Friday, September 21, 2012

Thank you, Denise!

"I have always been lucky with the gene pool, and was very active as a young woman-I could eat and do whatever I wanted. Once I hit 40, that all changed. On top of that, years of working on my feet and doing awkward lifting and positioning conspired against me; leading to increasing joint and back pain. I have tried the usual route-diet, gyms etc with limited success and total 
boredom. I came to Ashley for private classes to learn how to do the Pilates techniques the RIGHT way; I didn't want to hurt myself, and I want to maximize the benefits. I also want a real person, familiar with the changing female body and challenges of injury-not some young girl in booty shorts. Ashley adapts the workout to my body, focusing on important "need" areas and avoid critical stress areas. She uses great imagery techniques and explains the purpose behind each particular exercise or movement-this really keeps me engaged. I can't get this from a video. I have seen a tremendous health benefits from my sessions, with a nice side effect of compliments on my improved muscles tone. I feel better, and that is the important goal for me."

Denise Altman RN, IBCLC, LCCE
All The Best

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