Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Studio update: March 20th.

I’m just gonna “bullet” all this…

• My regulars from two years ago, please note new prices on packages for new studio on website.

• Duet person needed for Mondays at 8:30am, starting in April. The client needing duet partner is fit but also has some old injuries. She likes to work out hard but also wants a little therapeutic stuff before we “fire the guns.” Let me know if you want to do duets with her. Cost is $70 split between two people, $35 per person.

• Barre Dynamics people. I have a request for a 4:30 Barre class. Please email me if you are interested in that time. Would probably be on Tuesdays.

• Another DEMO WEEK for Barre class! Gotta get it perfect before I start chargin’…

Schedule for Demo Barre class (week 3/26-3/29):

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 am.
Monday 4:30pm
Wed 6:30pm

• Saturday class? Anyone interested in a fitness class, combining cardio, light weights and Pilates Mat? Email me.

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